- Corrigé sujet anglais – BEM 2008

 Précision: Le corrigé qui suit a été proposé au blog par un élève de 4e AM. Tout en félicitant cette initiative, le blog ne peut être tenu pour responsable pour d’éventuelles fautes ou erreurs (dans le corrigé)

 Les réponses et éléments écrits en rouges sont les correctifs et corrections apportées par Madame Hadji au corrigé de  l’élève.


   The tragedy happened in 1912, on its first trip across the Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic was travelling from Southampton to New York with 2201 people on board. Only 711 of them could be saved by the Carpathian a ship which was sailing some miles away, while 1940 people lost their lives in the accident.

   Too many people died because there were enough lifeboats for all them and the crew was not prepared for such a catastrophe, they thought that the ship was safe in any difficult condition and could not sink. And also many passengers were sleeping and were not dressed warmly enough to survive in the very cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean

   New safety measures were taken after this accident and now ships carry enough lifeboats, life vast and survival kits for all the people on board and the crew is well trained for emergency situations.

Adapted from various sources

A- Reading comprehension

  Activity one: Answer the following questions

1- No the Titanic did not reach its destination. (No, it didn’t)

2- No, all the passengers couldn’t (could not) get into the lifeboats.

(No, they couldn’t)

3- Yes ships are safer nowadays. (Yes, they are)

Activity two: Complete tha table with informations from the text.



Number of survivors


number of the dead

 1940  (1490)

number of passengers and crew membres


The year the Titanic sank


B- Mastery of language 

Activity tree: Match each word with its appropriate meaning.

ship ————–>   mean of transport used to travel across water
passengers——->   People travelling in plane, boat, train…
crew ————–>   people working on a ship (or a plane)
carry ———>   take people or things from one place to another

Activity one (02 pts): Supply the punctuation and the capital letters were necessary

the tourists come to tamanrasset by plane didn’t they

The tourists they didn’t come to Tamanrasset by plane.

The tourists came to Tamanrasset by plane, didn’t they?

 Activity two: Fill in the gaps with suitable word.

Choose from the following list:  so – until – but – because

We usually travel by train but yesterday we messed it because we didn’t get up early. 

So we had to take a taxi.

Activity tree: Find in the text four word that have the following sounds

/aI/ (five)

/I/ (sit)

  • 1- iceberg
  • 2- lifeboats
  • others: survivals

while – miles

  • 1- kits
  • 2- ships

ship – it

PART TWO (06 pts) Written expression

The editor of the school magazine wishes to publish some articles about the means of transport. You are really interested in this topic. Write an article about the means of transport you prefer

The following hints can help you:

- plane / boat / train …- cheap / expensive ….- confortable ………. – quick …….. – safe ………

Today the means of transport has changed considerably. The man, to travel and go the longest has an embarrassment of riches. Outside the car, bus, plane and boat are the means of transport most used for travel logs. For my part, I prefer the aircraft and boat. Why?

For the aircraft, first of all, despite the tickets which are expensive for international lines, it is the means of transport faster and more comfortable. And contrary to what some people think, the aircraft is the way to transport the safest, according to statistics of accidents in the world of transport, then travel by air, gives us a feeling of freedom and dominate the landscape, to admire the earth and its reliefs.

On the boat, it is also an interesting way to travel for several reasons. First, it is a means of transport cheap, secondly, travelling by boat can travel in contact with many people, to discover the other, to move, but especially to pass through the islands,  (in the case of a cruise)

Introduction – Development – Conclusion

+ Superlatives + comparatives + sequencers

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